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No. 1
Name : Ayen Ching (
Submitted Date : 22-6-2011
Question :

my chance of getting pregnant after miscarriage, 1 year ago.. trying but no luck as of the moment any advice on how to improve the chance of conception

Answer :


Replied On : 23-9-2011
No. 2
Name : Robson Mathew (
Submitted Date : 8-10-2006
Question :

My son's feet are infected with some kind of wart. Our family doctor prescribed a medicine to apply for a month (Salcylic and lactic acid) , it vanished and it came back. Now our doctor is advising us to go for homeopathic treatment. Is there any permenant cure for it in homeopathy?

Answer :

Dear Robson,

After consulting a Homeopathic Doctor, for Acute treatment you can give your son the following:

* Thuja 200 - 4 pills Three times a day for 15 days.

However, the dose and amount is always age and weight dependent.

We recomend you should consult a homeopathic physician to advise you on a permanent cure.


First Medical Center

Replied On : 14-10-2006
No. 3
Name : Nats (
Submitted Date : 10-8-2006
Question :

Im 22 and am considering eye lazer corrective surgery. My prescription number is around -4.00. Can you tell me the procedures and risks of this? and is this the right age to do it?

Answer :

Hi Nats,

Considering your age and refractive error you are in the right bracket to undergo refractive surgery called custom LASIK. But in order to evaluate as to whether you are a good candidate for lasik, you need to undergo a thorough checkup by a eye surgeon in regard to refraction status , slitlamp examination for presence of any adnexial diseases like dry eyes, blepharitis etc. , keratoconus, intraocular pressure, corneal thickness, corneal surface mapping, fundoscopy , any health problems & intake of medicines. Lasik is recommended after the age of 18 y and the refractive error should be stable for a period of 2 years.

Lasik is one of the most commonly performed refractive surgery procedure. Lasik stands for Laser-assisted in situ Keratomiliusis. Lasik has advantages in that its relatively painless procedure and has early recovery of good vision after surgery. An instrument called kerotome is used to create a circular thin flap in the cornea. It can also be done with Laser. The flap is folded back and with the help of excimer laser corneal tissue is ablated and reshaped . The flap is laid back in place.

The above procedure helps to focus the light onto the retina resulting in clearer vision than before.

Complications of Lasik - undercorrection, overcorrection, decentered ablations , irregular flaps, dry eyes ,diffuse lamellar keratitis, epithelial ingrowth, infection, visual aberrations such as glare, double vision, haloes , ghost images loss of contrast sensitivity and difficulty in night vision. These complications are quite uncommon less than 5% ( even less than 1% with meticulus selection of patients ) and can be managed with eye drops , oral medications and re-treatment with laser.

Hope all your queries are clarified,

With regards,

Dr.Arvind Kulkarni.

Replied On : 13-8-2006
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