FMC- Overview


Our mission is to provide personalized care and professional relationship with clients and one another. We will continuously develop, strengthen and improve health care services.


We will strive to attain a reputation as a premier healthcare service provider by anticipating and exceeding the wants, needs and expectations of our clients.

Core Values

  • Quality: We believe in high performance standards and will continuously strive for excellent service, practice and professional standards. We will not compromise on quality.
  • Commitment:We expect our employees to be committed to their work and our organization. Everyone who joins First Medical Center is part of our team. Our staff is committed to providing the best effort in their work and compassionate service.
  • Efficiency: We stick to our deadlines and try to ensure that work is done in a timely fashion. Those involved in fiscal decision making processes ensure the long term feasibility of our organization ensuring we attain and provide the highest quality services.
  • Innovation: We continuously update our knowledge base with new techniques, technology and processes which will enhance our healthcare delivery. Employees will be continuously learning, applying and sharing knowledge making full use of resources available.
  • Diversity: We incorporate a diverse staff and client body where all cultures are respected including the local rules, laws and traditions.
  • Integrity: We will demonstrate honesty and ethical behavior when dealing with patients, superiors, and fellow employees.
  • Communication: We believe in open communication with our clients and will strive to follow up and communicate results of investigations to our clients. We will ensure communications within the organization.
  • Environment: Here at First Medical Center, we portray a professional, approachable and amiable environment. We encourage teamwork and active participation from all employees and departments.

First Medical Center aims to encompass individuals with purpose and pride in the organization through their personal development and recognition for performance excellence.