The divisions at First Medical Center cover a wide range of medical specialties for outpatient care. This also includes minimal turn around time for diagnostic results.

Each division at First Medical Center encompasses advanced, state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic technology. Each equipment, disposable and consumable has been carefully sorted out to ensure that only premium quality products enter the clinic.

FIRST MEDICAL CENTER, International City Branch

Department of Cardiology

The Cardiology clinic specializes in solving difficult diagnostic and therapeutic cardiovascular problems in adults. The application of medical quality standards, taking into consideration the most recent research results, is the guiding principle of our daily work.

Areas of clinical work
  • Diagnosis and therapy of coronary heart diseases
  • Diseases of cardiac valves
  • Diagnosis of congenital diseases of heart
  • Diagnosis and therapy of cardiac rhythm disorders
  • Diagnosis and therapy of cardiac insufficiency
  • Management of inflammatory cardiac diseases
  • Pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular diseases
  • Diagnosis and therapy of Cardiac arrhythmias
Support expertise
  • Stress test or Treadmill test
  • Holter Monitoring systems
  • Echocardiography
  • Electrocardiography
  • Cardiac laboratory support systems
  • Support programs for Cardiac patients
  • Holistic programs
  • Visits by overseas Cardiac consultants
Specialized equipment
  • Phillips ECHO cardiography - 4 Dimensional color Doppler machine with all interpretations along with endoscopic studies
  • Treadmill Phillips - We use compact treadmill systems with support measures to tackle all the emergencies related to the test
  • Phillips Holter monitoring systems, - For continuous monitoring of the Cardiac functions to diagnose chronic cases, or follow ups
  • HP, Philips ECG HP- 12 channel machine with all the interpretations
  • Philips Defribrilator - handles the emergencies to the level of on international standards of an OPD clinic.