Client Support

Client Support’s primary aim is to establish a rapport with the patients and boost their confidence levels with the right counseling inculcating hope. Client Support

We have incorporated qualified staff that is caring, compassionate and courteous. They proactively take steps to ensure our clients long term satisfaction with First Medical Center.

Our client support staff are trained to:

1. Actively Listen — The art mastered by our staff who exhibit energetic participation and openness during conversations with clients.

2. Acknowledge — They acknowledge each comment, concern, or situation and treat it individually.

3. Provide Solutions — Our Client Support staff will take it upon themselves to provide solutions for you, without having to explain yourself to everyone in the chain of communication.

4. Follow up — The Client Support will ensure that you are informed about anything happening regarding our clients' treatment or any processing.

Outstanding services
by Ms. Lovely Joy Galapate - Client Support

  • Our motto is 'Health With Us'; we treat ourclients with respect and dignity.
  • We try to provide personal service to our clients for better understanding in a homely atmosphere.
  • We attempt to create a work environment of teamwork and outstanding service so that the needs of our clients and each others are met.
  • We focus our attention on both internal and external clients.
  • First Medical Center instills well-being and strives to fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our clients.
  • We try to adapt an attitude that can be appreciated by anyone from any culture.
  • We believe in quality and strive for continuous improvement.